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Generator Backup


The nature of today’s 24 X 7 business environments requires a continuous and reliable power supply.  An Emergency Backup Generator can provide you with a secondary power source when the primary power is interrupted.  Backup Generators are fully automatic systems, which monitor the incoming electricity and provide an extended secondary power source on loss of primary power.

Backup generator power systems are designed for your specific needs considering the voltages and kW requirements.  Your backup generator system can be customized with larger fuel tanks for longer run times, bypass options on automatic transfer switches for easy maintenance, sound attenuation enclosures for environmentally sensitive areas, and even custom colors to match the landscaping.


*Temporary rental generators on wheels with complete packages including Installation available.

Air Conditioning


Electronic and information processing equipment require rigid environmental conditions for reliable operation.  Computer Room precision air conditioning systems are specifically designed for the concentrated vertical heat loads of today’s Data Centers.


Precision Computer Room air conditioners provide efficient heat removal, excellent humidity control, greater airflow, better air filtration, greater flexibility and expandability, and numerous alarm and redundancy options.


Don’t jeopardize your Data Center by installing comfort cooling air conditioners.  Select the unit, top discharge, bottom discharge, ceiling hung, floor mounted, water cooled, air cooled, that fits your applications.


Uninterruptible Power Supply


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the link between a reliable, 24/7 operation and a business susceptible to the unpredictable power anomalies that surround us.  Data Center Design, Inc. has installed UPS systems from the most basic single phase units to sophisticated multi-module parallel redundant 3 phase installations serving larger, complex and more power sensitive operations.

UPS systems provide continuous battery up time for IT and communications equipment through relatively short power outages and provide ride-through support for transfer to backup generators for long term outages.


*Temporary rental UPS systems on wheels with complete packages including installation available.

Fire Detection & Suppression


Fire protection is an absolute necessity for your business’ survival.  In the unfortunate event of a fire, heat and smoke can quickly damage delicate electronic equipment.  That is why Data Center Design, Inc. utilizes the FM-200 system for its Data Centers.

FM-200 is a fire suppression agent that is quick, clean and effective.  This agent is completely safe for electrical equipment whereas other extinguishants (water for example) may cause as much damage as an actual fire.  It’s also people and planet safe given that it has a zero ozone depleting potential.  FM-200 is quick in that it is dispensed into a room within 10 seconds or less.  It is clean in that the agent leaves no particulates or oily residue behind.  Therefore, the overall effectiveness of an FM-200 system far outweighs that of other extinguishants.

Underfloor Water Detection


Moisture below the floor can damage wiring or equipment and cause costly downtime.  An underfloor water detection system can give you an immediate warning. One with LCD  display will show you the exact location of the leak reducing the chance of costly damage. The location of the leak is displayed on the control panel so you can use your time to resolve the leak rather than looking for it.

Access Raised Floor


An access floor is actually a floor raised above a floor.  It’s purpose is to create a chamber for wire management and the distribution of heating and cooling services.

In today’s Computer Room environment, many pieces of electrical equipment are being used.  Each of these have/require numerous power cords and cables.  Your access floor creates an interstitial “holding” place for these cords and cables.  In addition, this space can provide a method of distributing conditioned air to workstations above the floor through diffusers (or vents) placed throughout the access floor.

The construction of an access floor is comprised of 24" square and 1 7/16" thick panels.  Air modules and diffusers built into a panel distribute HVAC (heating and cooling) services.  These panels are easily interchangeable which, in turn, permit quick wire and cable management changes without disrupting ongoing operations.  The floor panels can be rearranged at any time to suit your Data Center needs.

General Construction


The construction and/or expansion of a Data Center must be done right the first time.  You cannot afford delays or interruptions to return and correct a poor installation.  Data Center Design, Inc.’s years of experience will guide you smoothly through the tedious tasks of room design and construction.  If you are expanding, Data Center Design, Inc. will make sure that your existing Computer Room remains clean and operational during all phases of construction and startup.


If needed, Data Center Design, Inc. will work along side your fit-out contractor to assure that your Computer Room is done in a timely and effective manner.


Let Data Center Design, Inc. build your Computer Room so it begins and remains an efficient and reliable facility.


Service Contracts


When construction of the Data Center is complete, Data Center Design, Inc. then offers a preventive maintenance service agreement to ensure reliable operation of the critical systems we provided and installed.   Since we designed and built your facility, we have a thorough understanding of these systems; therefore, our management and field technicians are in the best position to provide unparalleled service.

A comprehensive service plan is specifically designed to provide preventive maintenance, reliable 7 X 24 emergency service and corrective service for the Data Center.  Data Center Design, Inc. will manage the plan through our selected service affiliates and will contract directly with each supplier of the described services. 


A Data Center Design, Inc. Service Coordinator will be responsible for:


  • Developing an annual preventive maintenance schedule suited to the site’s needs

  • Coordinating and tracking preventive maintenance visits

  • Inspecting the site

  • Reviewing invoices for additional services

  • Reviewing all service reports

  • Resolving service issues


Included in the service plan (as applicable):


  • Data Center Cleaning

  • Computer Room Air Conditioning Equipment

  • Building HVAC

  • UPS and Batteries

  • Power Distribution Unit

  • Diesel Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch

  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System

  • Pre-action Sprinkler System


Power Distribution & Conditioning


The key to an effective Data Center electrical power system is the manner in which distribution is accomplished.  Conditioning can be in the form of isolation and K rated transformers (to address harmonic loads), surge suppression and other protection features. Conditioning integrated with end point distribution via special cabling is synonymous with the well organized, well managed and flexible facility.

Data Center Design, Inc. has utilized various methods to accomplish this objective, addressing the different operational and physical needs of its customers.  Methods employed include Power Distribution Units (PDU's), Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), Computer Room resident UPS systems with built-in distribution panels, etc.

Site Monitoring


The sooner you know a problem exists, the sooner the problem can be resolved.  With systems that are expected to be up 100% of the time, down time must be kept to a minimum.  With a site monitoring system you can monitor any or all of the following:


  • Power

  • UPS

  • Generator

  • Temperature/Humidity

  • Leak detection

  • Intrusion


Systems can be monitored via a LAN or WAN network and/or can call a pager or cell phone so you will know the status of your unattended or remote sites.


Site Cleaning


It is imperative to keep the Data Center environment clean of any dust and dirt because of the harm that can be done to the operating systems. Therefore, after Data Center construction is complete, we thoroughly clean above and below the raised floor with particular attention to detail.  In addition to post construction cleaning, regular cleanings are highly recommended throughout the life of the Data Center.  Our experienced cleaning crews are well aware of the caution that must be employed in an active Data Center environment during the regular cleanings.


Description of services:


  • Encapsulation of sub floor to eliminate concrete powdering

  • Systematic vacuuming to remove dirt, dust and contaminants

  • Antistatic cleaning and machine scrubbing of high pressure laminate raised floor surfaces

  • Damp wiping of environmental equipment and counter surfaces

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Ramp and tile floor landing waxing


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